What You Should Know Before Getting LASIK Eye Surgery in Jacksonville

When you’re considering LASIK eye surgery, one of the first things you’ll want to know is whether or not you have the best LASIK doctor in Jacksonville. You can determine your surgeon’s competency by asking about his years of experience and rate of complications. Even after you have selected a good surgeon, you should be aware of the following facts concerning the procedure.

Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions
Your surgeon will provide you with a list of instructions to help prepare your eyes for the surgery. You should follow these instructions precisely to ensure you’ll get the best possible results. Typically, these instructions will involve removing all makeup 24 hours before the procedure. The surgeon will also ask you to stop wearing contact lenses two to three weeks before the procedure.

You Will Be Awake
As an outpatient procedure, the surgeon will avoid using an anesthetic that will leave you unconscious. Instead, a local anesthetic will be used to numb the surface of the eye. This means you will be awake and able to observe the procedure as it happens.

You May Need Multiple Procedures
Even the best LASIK doctor in Jacksonville can’t guarantee results. Depending on the severity of your nearsightedness, you may need several “refinement” procedures to give you the best possible vision. Your surgeon should be able to tell you how many additional procedures you’ll need after he gives you a thorough examination. Don’t be afraid to ask ahead of the first surgery.

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