West Palm Beach Pest Control – Who Needs an Exterminator

While you may not be able to get every mosquito or ant to vacate the premises, there are things you can do to reduce populations of pests in and around your West Palm Beach home. From large rodents and mammals like squirrels, rats, raccoons, and opossums, to the tiniest insects, like bed bugs, termites, and ants, exterminators handle all kinds of pest control in the West Palm Beach area.

What to do About a Large Mammal or Rodent That Moves In

Raccoons and intelligent, sneaky, and strong. They’ll make a home for themselves in your garage or even in your roof or attic if they can find a way in. And if you have a pet and leave out cat or dog food, you’ll be inviting raccoons, opossums, and small rodents like squirrels, mice, and rats to come have a meal every day. There are plenty of ways to try to avoid having a mammal move in uninvited, but once they’ve made the decision, it might be hard to get them out again. Discouraging entry is easier than moving a family of rodents out. If you suspect someone is living in your roof, eaves, attic, or garage, contact a pest control company that can come out and have a look for you.

Insects – Some Bite, Some Don’t, None are Welcome

In West Palm Beach probably the only more annoying insect than mosquitos are the ants. Ants can move in to your backyard and build themselves a lovely nest and home. Then when you go out in bare feet you get attacked – in your own back yard! Ants may be small, but they are vicious when they feel threatened. A few ants traipsing through your kitchen may be easy enough to deter, but a whole hive in the back yard requires pest control services.

Of course, there are also plenty of unwelcome spiders and bed bugs that can also give you more than a single annoying bite. If you think you may have bed bugs in your home, contact a pest control specialist immediately. You’re better of checking and learning that you don’t have them, because if you leave them alone to multiply your problem will turn into a disaster.

And termites may not bite you, but they do the most damage by far. Your entire home can become one big termite hive without you even realizing it. Many West Palm Beach residents hire pest control services to simply look at their home once a year to make sure no termites are hiding out.

For pests large and small, Bates Exterminating in West Palm Beach offers the best pest control service. Visit the website to schedule an appointment and more information.

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