12-Volt Auto Accessories Transform Cigarette Lighters Into Vital Car Features

Most of us don’t think much about the car’s cigarette lighter during out day-to-day driving. However, as soon as the cigarette lighter breaks down, we suddenly realize just how much we rely on it. These days, most of us no longer simply use the car to get us from point A to point B. These days it seems like we’ve turned our car into a mobile office, often using it even more than we do our regular offices. This wouldn’t be possible without a properly functioning cigarette lighter and the auto accessories that allow us to convert the cigarette lighter into a power source.

Very few of us travel anywhere, not even on short trips, without using something that requires the proper auto accessories to plug into the cigarette lighter.  A majority of us have even discovered that one plug is not enough and have looked far and wide to find auto accessories that allow multiple items to be plugged into the cigarette lighter. These multiple item auto accessories allow us to charge our cell phones, run a portable music device, use the GPS system, and even make a pot of instant coffee while we make the long commute back and forth from work to home.

The problem with becoming so dependent on the cigarette lighter and the auto accessories we use to convert it into a power source is that once the lighter stops functioning properly, it feels like the whole world has come crashing down around us. We can barely function.

When you plug your auto accessories into the cigarette lighter and nothing happens, you shouldn’t panic. Odds are there will be an easy fix. The first thing you need to do will be to check the item you have plugged into the lighter. Is it actually plugged all the way in, or is the connection tenuous? Remove the 12 volt accessory and plug it back in. You’ll be surprised how often this turns out to be the problem.

If you still find yourself unable to charge your phone or listen to your iPod, you need to check the fuse. The more things you use the cigarette lighter to power, the greater the odds that you’ll overload the system, blowing a fuse. If this happens on a regular basis, you will need to take a look at the items you keep plugged in, and start thinking about which ones you can go without.

If the fuse seems okay but you’re not able to get any power from the cigarette lighter, it’s likely that the time has come for you to start shopping for more 12-volt auto accessories. They do wear out. The better quality the accessory, the longer the charger will last.

Lanes Car Products not only has the 12 volt auto accessories need to plug items into your cigarette lighter, they also sell items you want to use, like smart pots.