An Insight into Teeth Whitening Treatment in Santa Barbara

by | Sep 5, 2012 | Dentist

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Lots of people want to show off a bright, pearly smile, but for those with badly stained teeth, it’s not a possibility. Discoloration might cause them embarrassment when they smile or talk a lot, revealing quite a bit of teeth.

Causes of teeth discoloration

Teeth do not stay white when people lack proper oral health and choose to use tobacco products. Smoking causes a build-up of plaque, and nicotene, over time, causes discoloration. In some cultures, such as the Asian culture, elder people will chew on large amounts of food that contain dyes that discolor teeth. Some see it as habit, others as a jaw exercise.

How to get rid of teeth discoloration

Teeth whitening Santa Barbara is the answer to discolored teeth, with a simple bleaching system that will improve your smile. You don’t need to be famous to have a brighter, whiter smile- teeth whitening is trendy and happening all over the globe.

Only harmless whitening products that are powerful and cost-effective are used in the dental treatment by Teeth Whitening Santa Barbara. If you expect to have teeth as white as paper, this is unrealistic, as most whitening treatments only go up to 3 shades brighter from the shade you have now. Santa Barbara dental bleaching can make your teeth two to three shades brighter when treated. When deciding to have teeth whitened, it must be understood that this can only revamp the look of your teeth to a certain point.
Length of Treatment

Many clients of teeth whitening santa barbara are concerned with the longevity of the procedure and its resilience. It can be compared to having a face lift; the effects do not last forever, and as time goes on, another procedure may be necessary.

The treatment effects of teeth whitening Santa Barbara can last up to ten years if you cut out bad habits that discolor teeth, such as drinking red wine or eating foods high in acid, along with using tobacco.

Teeth whitening precautions

You may have had treatments such as colored fillings, these cannot be whitened by teeth whitening Santa
Barbara. Therefore, after a whitening procedure is completed, you may need to have fillings replaced.

If you have crowns or porcelain on your teeth, keep in mind, the bleaching services of teeth whitening Santa Barbara do not affect them; therefore, you may notice those teeth will appear different in color.


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