Using An Innovative Dentist In Neenah, Wisconsin

There are some amazing things going on in the local dentist’s office. Dentists use new technologies to make procedures shorter, and less painful. The use of imaging equipment allows dentists to make more precise models, of a patient’s mouth. Dentists use these advances to treat patients for some medical conditions. For example, dentists are making devices that help in the treatment of sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea occurs when someone’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. People who have sleep apnea, stop breathing several times when they are asleep. As a result, the brain and the body, may be deprived of oxygen. There are two types of sleep apnea. The most common form is caused by a blockage of an airway. For example, the soft tissue in the back of the throat may collapse during sleep. In the other type, central sleep apnea, the brain fails to signal the muscles to breath. Individuals with moderate sleep apnea should see the dentists in Neenah WI. The dentist makes a special device, that is custom made to fit a patient’s bite. The device brings the jaw forward, and the airway opens up. The apparatus also works for snoring. The patient’s other remedy is the CPAP device. This device includes a mask that fits over the nose and mouth, and is held in place with straps while you sleep.

The dentists in Neenah, WI, also practice neuromuscular dentistry. Visit Dr. Douglas Nelson, who has been practicing for over thirty years. The temporomandibular joint (tmj) connects the jawbone to the skull. Neuromuscular dentistry is aimed at finding solutions for the variety of problems caused by TMJ. TMJ symptoms include jaw pain, facial pain, ringing in the ear, and migraine-like headaches. Doctors treat the symptoms separately, rather than looking at the disorder as a whole. The dentist attempts to find the best jaw position to relax the muscles in the area. Dental CAT scans are the latest tool to help in the diagnosis, and treatment of TMJ. Images are used to make a customized dental device, that allows the jaw to work better. People, with these problems, should investigate whether the new dental technologies will bring them relief.

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