Choosing the Right Cable Security Seals

When businesses are in need of a secure mechanism for sealing freight containers, truck doors, rail cars, storage containers or other secure areas, a common method is the use of a cable security seal. Cable seals are available in 1/16” diameter wire for domestic operations, and 3.5 mm diameter for international operations. 1/8” diameter cable seals will not consistently be able to pass the tensile strength requirement of ISO 17712:2013, and therefore using the slightly thicker 3.5 mm cable seals is the best solution for companies seeking to be compliant with C-TPAT.

Know What You’re Protecting
Different products and materials have different security needs. Consider if your concern is theft or tampering, or keeping an object secure and private during transport. Cable security seals are a great choice for making sure that the only people seeing or touching a given object are those who are authorized to do so.

Know the Different Types of Seals
The best way to determine if cable security seals are the best choice for your business is to have an understanding of what the other popular types of security seals do as well.  While some businesses benefit from tamper evident seals, others find that electronic seals that provide RFID tracking are the best option for their needs.  The market for security seals is vast, and understanding which situations best fit each type of seal can be beneficial in ensuring that you select the best product for your specific needs.

Know Your Budget
With the varying array of security seals available to today’s business, it is important to know your security budget and to choose accordingly. Companies that successfully implement a certain procedure for security seals and stick with it often have the most success in the long run. It can be confusing to employees and vendors when a business changes their seal procedures often due to changes in budget or financial situation.

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