Understanding Gastric Sleeve Surgery

by | Mar 13, 2012 | Health Care

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One of the biggest health problems in this generation is weight. Statistics show that the problem of obesity is increasing among the population. It does not just affect a specific age group but everyone in general. There are several ways that people try to deal with the problem. Diet, exercise and eventually surgery, are the methods that people use to solve this issue. People use a combination of two or all methods to deal with this problem depending on the severity of the condition. Gastric Sleeve Surgery  is one of the surgeries that people do to undergo weight loss.

One of the parts of the body that weight affects is the stomach area. This happens in both women and men. Gastric sleeve surgery is a surgery people undergo to reduce the stomach weight. This procedure reduces the size of the stomach by almost 25%. This is a significant percentage in a weight loss procedure. Doctors choose to perform this surgery on people who are extremely obese, and the option of having a gastric bypass is too risky. The other name for the process is gastric sleeve. It is a two stage process that involves:

* Surgical removals of a large portion of the weight around the stomach. Doctors do this by following the main curve. The open edges are then stapled together to create a tube or sleeve that is shaped like a banana.
* The second part of the procedure involves the transformation into a gastric bypass. This second part normally takes place when the first part is not fully effective. In other times, the first step of the procedure is enough. This is mostly for people who are not extremely obese.

Gastric sleeve surgery like any other surgery has its risks, and it is essential to choose the best surgeon to work on you. There are a lot of preparations to put into consideration, but with the right guidance, you can undergo the surgery without any complications. It is crucial to note that this surgery is not reversible. Therefore, caution should be taken before choosing to undergo it. It is also essential to consider the cost of this surgery. Most of these surgeries might not be covered by the insurance, therefore finding the most affordable option would be an excellent deal.
Before choosing a weight loss procedure, it is crucial to understand all the pros and cons involved. This will assist you in choosing the procedure that best suits you. Everyone has their own health needs that have to be put onto consideration before performing a surgery. It is crucial to find an excellent doctor to perform this surgery.

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