Why Custom Homes are Popular?

by | Mar 13, 2012 | Real Estate

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If placed on the same weighing scale, custom homes weigh much more than spec homes. While coming up with a custom home you are free to give specifications on how your home will look like. You are in a position to get a completed home that meets your needs both in terms of function and quality. This is not the case when dealing with spec homes.

When you purchase a spec home, you are accorded little or no freedom to choose your design of choice. Therefore, many people opt for  Custom Homes Houston as opposed to Spec homes. Here are several facts regarding custom homes;

* When building a custom home, you are at liberty to choose the design of your home. In the case of custom homes, the homeowners get to choose on the floor layout, the room sizes, the color schemes and the lighting devices to name just but a few. You spend most of your time in your home. It is only wise to have your home designed in manner that is appealing. Many people seek to incorporate their personality in the design of their homes.
* You have to be prepared to pay some extra amount of money if you are to have a custom home built for you. Usually, custom homes are highly priced than the spec homes. However, if you are seeking the fulfillment of having your dream home designed in a unique manner, you will be willing to pay the price. It would be better to pay the high price but have a house that meets your needs and fantasies.
* You can choose from a wide range of custom homes Houston Designs. When building a custom home, most builders provide their clients with several house styles to choose from. You will have a wide range of appliances to choose from as well as the flooring options. From the many options available, you can choose the designs and appliances that you deem best for you.
* While choosing custom homes Houston Company, you are likely to be spoilt for choice. There are so many construction companies for clients to choose from and selecting the right one is often a daunting task. Different companies obviously charge different prices for their services. When choosing the right company, do not base your choice on the price charged alone but also on the service quality.

You do not necessarily have to build a fully custom house especially if you are working on a limited budget. Instead, you can go for a semi custom home that is more affordable than its fully custom counterpart. With the semi-custom home, you get to decide on some but not all features of your house. You can decide on how the house will look like but you will be limited on other choices.

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