Tips for Gold Buyers in Dallas

Buying gold in Dallas can be pure adventure. Dallas has many “old money” residents, which sometimes means that extraordinary pieces might be trickled down to local vendors. Many times, the rich aren’t looking to make a large profit; they simply wish to replace pieces of their collections with newer jewelry. Dallas socialites are well-known for extravagant tastes, including show-stopping pieces of gold and fine jewelry that would be otherwise unavailable to less wealthy buyers. The following tips are important to keep in mind if you happen to be buying gold in the Dallas area:

Know the Market – The price of gold is almost always going up, so if you don’t have to buy gold right this second, wait and see how the market is doing. Sometimes the price drops mid-week. This can be great for you if you’re buying a substantial amount of gold, whether it’s a solid gold watch or many pieces at once. The price of gold is also known to go up during Chinese and Indian holiday seasons, so it’s best to stay out of the gold buying market at these times. Gold in China and India are common gifts and bought in large quantities during the winter months.

Know Where to Store Your Gold – If you’re buying gold coins or bars in Dallas, you should store these items at a bank versus your home. Having too much gold in your home can be dangerous. If it is stolen, it is very easy for thieves to sell quickly, making it difficult to trace. Gold jewelry, however, can be kept at home, ideally in a vault. This should be the case for solid gold pieces that are very high in value, but you may want to keep them in your home so you can wear them on a regular basis.

Keep the Premium in Mind – If you’re reselling your gold in Dallas, you want to buy with a 10% premium which will make it easier for you to flip it in the long (or short) run. You don’t want to buy gold with a higher premium than that if you’re planning to resell eventually because it will be too difficult for you to gain a profit. Be smart and take your time when it comes to buying gold in Dallas if you’re going to resell.

Go for Solid Gold – If you’re a reseller, solid gold is the way to go. The price of gold does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon, so you should buy as much as you can while you can. You can hold on to the gold for a year and then sell to make a nice chunk of change back in profit.

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