The Reality of Powerful Cordless Floor Sweepers

by | Dec 30, 2011 | Home Improvement

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When some people think about a cordless appliance, they might think of something that was once powered by an electrical wire and is now powered by a sophisticated battery. However, cordless floor sweepers avoid all forms of electricity. They have zero dependence on electrical devices, cords, charging systems or even batteries.

Over thirty years ago, before “going green” was a way of life, cordless floor sweepers were more environmentally friendly than most appliances, yet they remained unrecognized. However, as more people turn their attention to protecting the planet, the cordless sweeper is poised to face a surge in consumer demand, since it helps customers limit the use of electrical or battery-operated vacuum cleaners.

Consider this: You visit friends and spend an evening discussing planetary stewardship, including how individuals are obligated to protect our environment by reducing their carbon footprints. You can now enjoy such conversations from the perspective of someone who is actually taking proactive steps to do so. Switching to a compact, lightweight and kinetically powered cordless floor sweeper says to everyone you know that you are genuinely “living the green life.”

In addition to being environmentally responsible, a  cordless floor sweeper allows you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The dust that traditional vacuums blow around the home is full of dust mites, allergens, and germs, so people with breathing problems usually can’t be in a room while one is in use. Also, people who are allergic to pets will react to the pet dander that is shed with the fur. A healthy floor sweeper will remove pet hair and other debris, lowering allergic reactions in the home and helping both family and guests breathe easier.

Thus, a floor sweeper more than just a cleaning tool; it is an investment. A powerful cordless floor sweeper removes all traces of dirt, dust, crumbs and hair from your flooring and gives you the satisfaction of keeping a clean home while helping the planet. When considering eco-friendly alternatives to clean your floor, opt for the healthier choice and choose a cordless floor sweeper.

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