Hiring a Valet Service for Healthcare Facilities

Using a valet service at an Austin medical facility, whether a hospital, medical group, outpatient emergency service or any other type of health facility that has a lot of traffic flow, can add tremendous value to patient satisfaction and staff experience, as well as provide a more efficient entrance and exit of various medical buildings. Amenities other than merely parking the cars of medical staff include automobile maintenance, such as providing minor repairs, checking or changing oil, as well as accommodating additional related requests from medical staff as they surface.

It is important when planning to do so to choose an Austinvalet parking service that is oriented towards providing the best care for the customer, rather than just treating it as a mere car park job. Providing the hospitality of valet parking at a hospital is not pun, but is a truly efficient way of caring for patients even before they reach the entrance to the building.

A valet parking service at your Austin facility will offer amenities to staff, which may be an additional attraction to physicians – not merely the physical act of parking cars, but the level of care that is shown towards both staff and patients may speak volumes about the administrative values to which the facility adheres. When the attendants and concierge exert a positive and helpful, friendly demeanor, he or she provides a useful and practical function in providing actual assistance to potential clients, as well as those who are returning or employed by the facility.

Patients and their families will be welcomed by a valet parking concierge before coming through the entrance and relieved of the possible difficulty of finding an appropriate parking space. People who are injured or have other physical difficulties will be assisted in entering the facility, including wheelchair assistance, luggage, and other possible needs. Valet parking attendants also provide a specific phone number to people entering the building so that when they are ready to leave, they can call and the car will be ready for them at the exit.

Hiring an Austinvalet parking service to provide services to medical staff, as well as patients and their families or guests, will add significant value to the integrity and reputation of any Austin medical facility. When professional, courteous, and truly helpful valet parking attendants are available to meet the individual needs of people entering or exiting the facility, there are very few people who would not appreciate the assistance. Extending the level of care to the point of reaching out to those who are coming in reflects highly on the values and integrity of any participating medical establishment.