Tips For Choosing CD Sleeves

There are a range of different options when it comes to protecting your CDs from scratches, wear and tear, and rubbing against other objects. One of the most versatile and streamlined options are the versatile CD sleeves. These sleeves can be made of plastic or paper or a vinyl and the provide protection for the surfaces of the CD without adding a lot of bulk or weight.

The Benefits of Sleeves

CD sleeves are often much more practical for storing and moving CDs than the larger jewel cases, even those that are designated as the slim style of jewel case. The jewel case is the traditional option for CD storage and the packaging that commercially made CDs are typically found in. These cases do offer superior protection but they are also prone to breaking and cracking, especially if dropped or opened when the plastic is very cold.

Options in CD Sleeves

The three most common options in traditional styles of CD sleeves include the vinyl sleeve, the window sleeve and the printed jacket type of sleeve. The vinyl sleeve is completely transparent and is designed to allow the user to have easy access to read the label on the CD for identification.

These vinyl CD sleeves can often come designed to be used in soft sided or binder styles of CD cases. This is an easy way to carry large numbers of CDs in a lightweight yet very protected fashion.

Window sleeves are typically white paper with inset or cut out circle of clear plastic over the center part of the CD. There is typically a flap that folds down to keep the CD inside the sleeve while still allowing full visibility to the label. The paper is a bit more rigid than the vinyl covering and it is great option for mass produced CDs as it is low cost.

The jacket types of CD sleeves are more like a light cardboard and can be printed on both sides. The CD itself slides in and out of the jacket similar to an album in a record cover. With additional room for printing and graphics this is a great way to market a CD or simply set it apart from the others.

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