The Importance of Fresh Ingredients From Mexican Food Distribution in Pennsylvania

Mexican cuisine is wholesome and varied, and Mexican restaurants are popular across the US. If you are thinking of entering the food service business by opening a Mexican restaurant, you will need a quality food supplier offering Mexican Food Distribution in Pennsylvania that carries fresh ingredients and offers excellent service. Here is an overview of the most popular Mexican dishes and their required ingredients.


The most common type of tamale is a corn mixture called masa that is comes wrapped inside corn husks. Tamales come in all kinds of flavors, and can be made to taste like anything from meaty and spicy to sweet and delicate.


Enchilada fillings are rolled in chili sauce and wrapped in a tortilla. Chicken and beef fillings are most commonly used, along with cheese, beans, and vegetables.


Discos, a pastry shell, is stuffed with ground beef and vegetables, sealed, and baked or fried.


The term mole refers to traditional Mexican sauces that use chili peppers as a base and can be combined with other ingredients to be consumed with other dishes. In fact, Mexico’s national dish is mole poblano. Mole poblano is made with Mexican peppers, white onion, tomatoes, tomatillos, and garlic.


Traditional quesadillas are filled on tortillas that are warmed before being folded in half. They are then cooked until the cheese within the filling has melted. A particular type of cheese, Oaxaca, is often used to fill quesadillas.


Salsa is ubiquitous in Mexican cuisine; the word simply means “sauce” in Spanish. Salsa is typically made from ground tomatoes and served cold. Tortilla chips taste great when they are dipped in salsa. Salsa fresco, or pico de gallo, is the uncooked version of salsa, and has an abundance of jalapeno peppers, plum tomatoes, and cilantro.


Jarritos is the most renowned soft drink brand from Mexico. Mexican soft drinks come in many sweet, fruity flavors. Horchata is a cold rice-based drink that is flavored with cinnamon.

It’s apparent that great-tasting Mexican cuisine demands a knowledge of special ingredients and traditional recipes. Large quantities of these specialty ingredients intended for use in restaurants can only be obtained through a food distribution center. The quality of a restaurant’s dishes relies on the quality of the Mexican Food Distribution in Pennsylvania.

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