Three Weight Loss Makeover Life Changes

If you have always wanted to loss weight, but simply do not quite know how, you might wonder if there is anything out there that really works. After being overweight for quite some time, you are likely simply tired of the effects the extra weight has on your body. If you feel it is finally time to go through a weight loss makeover, you might be ready to make some permanent changes in your life. Once you make these changes, you will feel better and you will loss weight at the same time. Some of the changes might be hard, but this weight loss makeover will help to turn you into a whole new, healthy person who can lead a longer, happier life.

Change#1: Drink Water
If you sit down to a meal with a glass of soda, a beer, or a sports drink, the first change you need to make is to substitute your drink of choice with water. Water is calorie free and it is the only drink that does not add anything to your diet. With the other drinks, you get sugar, sodium, carbs, artificial sweeteners and so many other things your body does not need. Plus, you get plenty of extra calories with many of those drinks as well. If you can simply cut beverages from your diet and drink more water, you will eliminate possibly hundreds of calories a day. That weight loss makeover change alone can help you see a difference in your body.

Change#2: Exercise
There are many people that simply do not like to work out. Who really wants to go to the gym and sweat, after all? But there are so many ways to get exercise that do not include a gym membership that this weight loss makeover tip can actually be enjoyable. You can do something as simple as take a walk with a co-worker over your lunch hour, walk your dog farther at night, or grab your bike and ride it around your neighborhood. You need to find a form of exercise that you enjoy or this weight loss makeover change will not stick. Once you find it, you will start to realize how much better you feel.

Change#3: Sleep and Stress
Examine your life and see if you have too much stress and too little sleep. If you can answer yes to both of those questions, your weight loss makeover will not be complete without remedying those situations. Try to add at least 30 minutes of sleep to your schedule each night and reduce your stress by either cutting back on work, or adding a massage, yoga, or other forms of relaxation into your week on a regular basis. When your body feels better, you will have more energy to exercise and less reason to grab food that does not help your weight loss makeover goals.

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