How To Become The Office Star

Every office has an employee that stands out. And while the standout employee can be a good worker or a complete slacker, the results are very much interesting. In the case of the slacker, the work is often undone and the manager/boss is often left with no other option but to fire the unruly employee. On the other hand, the hard working employee is one that can drastically alter the perception of others. This employee has the ability to not only do work well but to raise the moral level of those around him/her. In essence, this person becomes the office star. In an effort to raise some awareness of these types of workers it is important to understand the 3 different types of employees. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when analyzing your current office situation.

The first type of employee is the lackluster, lazy, and perpetually late employee. This individual does not aspire to become an office star. There main goal in there employment is to do as little as possible and to draw a continual paycheck. This employee does not bring any added benefit to the company. This is the easiest employee to deal with because they are simply not worth the money you are investing in them. This employee does not respond to encouragement or goals. This employee must be fired.

The second employee is the good employee. This employee is always on time and always does everything that they are instructed to do. This employee will rarely cause any problems in the work place and when confronted with challenges and expectations, this employee will often do as they are told or asked. Strangely, this is the worst of the three potential employees. This employee has no desire to go beyond where they currently are. This employee shows no initiative and no desire to become an office star. However, because this employee does most things right it is not beneficial to fire them. This employee will remain in the same position for most if not their entire career.

The third employee is the best employee. Not only does this employee strive for excellence they are continually searching for ways to improve the workplace as well as output and efficiency. These employees cause no trouble and will always seek to defuse a situation before it deteriorates. These employees care deeply about the company name and the perception that it has in society. It is from these ranks that a business will promote. These individuals are often referred to as an office star. In an effort to promote the business and to continually grow the bottom line, these employees are highly sought after.