Service your Air Conditioning Unit before It Breaks Down

It’s very easy to fall into the habit of using things until they break, or otherwise, not take care of them until they break – especially when we are talking about items such as an air conditioning or heating unit. Most of us are inconsistent about this. We know to check the oil in our cars before the oil light ever comes on, to use coolant or antifreeze and keep the engine from burning up, but we’re more likely to take appliances like an air conditioner or heating unit for granted. We are glad it’s there in the hot and cold months, but unless it breaks, we are more geared to use it than take care of its maintenance. That’s a bad, and potentially costly, habit. Keeping up maintenance on a heater or air conditioner before it breaks not only more-or-less guarantees a longer lifetime of use for the unit, but also saves you a ton of money not only in possibly having to fix a broken unit, but also in running more cleanly and efficiently and not expending excess energy.

For those of us who live in Round Rock and the outlying Austin area, where temperatures can run from winter to summer in the course of one day, neglect of air conditioner maintenance is a bad habit that needs to be broken. Weather doesn’t play kindly in Round Rock, and during summer months especially, our air conditioning units take the abuse. There are several things you can do to help run your air conditioning unit more efficiently. On the one hand, you can certainly help out your air conditioner by taking steps to improve cooling without depending totally on your air conditioner. On the other hand, you can check for key aspects in regard to your unit itself:

Make sure all the settings and controls are responsive and working correctly.

Check the drain, which usually moves along a pipe and exits into a drain or sink. If the drain is plugged, this can cause the unit to have to work harder to get the same results and can also cause water damage.

Make sure your unit is on an even surface. If it isn’t, make adjustments.

Clean coils and filters, and make sure that the ridges are not bent.

Professional air conditioning services in Round Rock can provide inexpensive maintenance on both your heating and air conditioning units. It is worth the cost to keep your air conditioner in its best shape, rather than paying to fix it or buying a new one, not to mention the mounting electricity costs associated with an inefficiently running unit.

Air Conditioning Round RockIndoor Weather Professionals in Round Rock offers air conditioning and heater maintenance services and advice. Schedule a service online or contact (512) 528-8288 for more information.

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