The Process Involved During The Installation Of French Drains In Wakefield, MA

When water is not adequately channeled away from a structure, the lack of drainage will often cause the water to leach into a basement or crawl space, which may lead to the formation of mold and mildew and structural damage. While there are several ways to ensure water is not allowed to enter a home, one of the oldest and most tested is french drains in Wakefield MA. Here is a quick look at the process involved with installing one and why it has been a trusted method for more than 100 years.

Ground Preparation

The first step in installing a french drain is to prepare the trench that will serve as the path for any water runoff. The technician will remove any roots or other organic materials that lie along the path of the drain and ensure that it is six to eight feet from the foundation of the home to allow for proper drainage. If the area is not on a natural incline, they will create a slight slope that will serve to direct the path of any water that may accumulate.

Gravel and Pipe Installation

The next phase of installing French Drains in Wakefield MA is to lay gravel in the bottom of the trench and install a liner. Once the liner is installed, the technician will then put a permeable plastic pipe in the trench that will allow water to drain from the surface and into the ground. After installation of the pipe, they will cover it with additional gravel and fill it in with dirt.

Drain Testing

After installation, the contractor will then test the drain to ensure that it is channeling water as intended. Most contractors will use a hose to simulate the presence of rainwater and make sure no ponding or puddling occurs on the surface. French drains are designed to last for 20 or more years and require no maintenance to remain operational.

A french drain utilizes proven building science to prevent water from accumulating along the foundation of a home. The team at DryCrete Waterproofing has more than 20 years of experience keeping structures dry and is a leading provider of waterproofing services in the Wakefield area. Contact us today to learn more and eliminate the threat of a water intrusion once and for all.

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