The Most Commonly Requested Repairs for Flat Roofs in Pekin IL

A roof not only helps protect a structure from natural elements, but it also increases its integrity. While the most common roof is pitched and covered with shingles, most commercial sites opt to use a flat roof. It is typically less expensive to construct and is easier to repair. Before deciding if a flat roof will work best for a specific application, it’s a good idea to know about the most common repair issues requested with this type of roof. While the following isn’t an inclusive list, it does represent the three most common repair requests. Leaks due to rain and snow flat roofs require an additional amount of support to remain safe under the extreme weight of snow and rain. Because these items have nowhere to drain (other than small drains in the roof) puddles can form and lead to leaks and structural problems. Most flat roofs need to be re-coated at least once every three years. While it may seem excessive, it is much cheaper than having a shingle roof replaced and saves money in the long run.

Load bearing issues if the proper planning is not done prior to installing Flat Roofs in Pekin IL, load bearing issues can occur. By having additional supports in place, the stress of weight issues will diminish, and the roof will provide protection for years. If this planning is not done ahead of time, extra supports may need to be added to prevent the roof from collapsing and destroying the contents of the building. Heat buildup because there isn’t a space for hot air to collect and vent out from with a flat roof, the heat conducted by a roof can cause utility costs to rise. Most roofers can repaint a roof a more reflective color, such as white, that will help reduce heat build-up and reduce electric bills.

Talk to a roofing contractor to find out what color best works on Flat Roofs in Pekin IL to help limit the amount of radiant heat created. Seek out expert help at the first sign of trouble. Delaying a roof repair can lead to a catastrophe and create a great deal more expense in the future. Contact the team at Best Roofing Contractors to get any questions answered, and ensure roofing problems are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. One call can help eliminate current problems and prevent future issues from arising.

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