How to Buy Nail Polish Online Like a Pro

The variety and different colors of nail polishes available online will have you drooling and eager to buy all of them. When you buy nail polish from a physical store, you can check its quality and exact color by applying a single thin coat on your nails. All the cosmetic shops allow a single coat testing of nail paint. If you want to buy nail polish online, you have to be cautious as the quality and color may not be exactly the same as the picture.

Here are some techniques to buy nail polishes online like a pro.

Do Some Research

Similar to the physical cosmetic stores, the virtual stores have also developed a reputation for keeping quality accessories. Instead of searching various stores, do some research to find out a well-reputed store which keeps original products only so that you don’t end up with a fake Swiss Miss, Bobby Brown or OPI.

Check Reviews

After finding a good store, check the reviews of the products as well. Customer friendly online stores save their customer feedback in the comments section. In the review section, you will not only find accurate information about the products but, you will also get a lot of nail polish tips and tricks.

Save Money with Wholesale Shopping

If you want to buy nail polish online, you need to spend some money on courier and shipping charges. To save money, check a local wholesale website and buy the nail polishes and other nail supplies in bulk to save more.

Check the Color

People who buy nail polish online are usually aware of the color difference between the actual color of nail polish and the pictured. The best way to check the color of nail polish is to compare it with the color wheel. Place the color wheel close to monitor and try to find out the closest shade of the color on the wheel. The actually color of nail polish will be somewhere between the difference on color wheel and the given nail polish color.

Suitability For Your Hand

Some nail polish colors seem very appealing to our eyes but we immediately want to remove them when we apply them on our hands. A shade of blue may look beautiful on one hand and boring on another hand.

Skin tone and healthy skin makes nail polishes more or less suitable for your hands. The majority of websites out there have pictures of sample hands to show the actual color of nail polish. If you want to buy nail polish online just place your hand close to the picture on the screen and imagine the nail polish on your hands. You will get an idea if you want to buy the color this way.

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