The Ideal Design: Double Ended Lanyards

Lanyards are a great way to display ID badges, carry swipe cards for security access or simply to indicate you are with a group. They are handy to carry keys when out on a jog or a run or to even carry small items if you don’t have a pocket. However, the standard loop style of lanyard is not ideal for all circumstances and in all uses. For those jobs and needs consider double ended lanyards and the benefits that they have to offer.

The Design

The design of double ended lanyards is both similar and different than the standard loop style of lanyard. The actual lanyard material can be any of the options for other varieties including nylon, polyester and woven and can be easily customized with your own logo, message and information. A variety of colors are also available for double ended lanyards, making them a great addition to any event or activity.

Instead of coming to a single point at the attachment end, double ended lanyards actually have an open design. They look like a wide shoelace when not attached to a badge holder. The ends of the double lanyards can be a simple aluminum peg that simply slides through the badge holder and locks, or they can be actual clips.

Flat Display at All Times

The result of the design is that the annoying habit of the badge flipping and rotating doesn’t happen. The badge always stays flat against the wearer and absolutely cannot flip or twist. It is also a great option for a heavier or wider type of pouch or badge holder that simply would not work with a single clasp or end.

For people that don’t like to remove things over their head or that have difficulty with that type of movement double ended lanyards completely remove this problem. The wearer can simply disconnect either of the ends and then just pull the other side around the back of the neck. There is no need to lift your arms or to try to maneuver the badge holder and lanyard making it a great idea for a range of different people.