Insurance Claims and Auto Body Repair Estimates in Scottsdale

Many motorists in the Scottsdale area have never been in a traffic collision resulting in major body damage. When they get into their first accident with major body damage, the fear is that the car can never be restored to something close to the original condition. They also fear that the insurance claim process is going to be difficult. In most instances, getting the auto insurer to pay for the repair is an easy process for motorists. The body shop and the insurer will work with each other to make the repair process as smooth as possible.

The most important task for the motorist to perform after suffering auto body damage from an accident is to file a claim. The body shop cannot do this. The insurer cannot do anything until the claim is filed. In most instances, the claim can be filed over the phone. It will take around 20 minutes or so to file the claim. The insurer’s phone number for filing claims is usually on the driver’s insurance card. If the insurance card is not available, the policyholder’s agent can help get the insurer’s claims phone number.

Next, the motorist will need to get Auto Body Repair Estimates in Scottsdale. The insurer may suggest a body shop, but the motorist is free to use any body shop. After the damaged vehicle has been driven or towed to the body shop, an employee of the shop will inspect the car to come up with an estimate. During the inspection, photographs will be taken of the vehicle. After the inspection is complete, the estimate and the photographs will be sent electronically to the motorist’s insurance adjuster for review. The motorist does not have to intervene beyond giving the body shop the claim number. The process of getting Auto Body Repair Estimates in Scottsdale is easy.

After the insurance adjuster authorizes the repairs, the body shop can begin the work to repair the vehicle. If additional damage is found, the body shop will contact the insurance company’s supplement department to authorize the additional repairs. In most instances, the insured person does not have to be involved as an intermediary between the body shop and the insurer. When the repair is complete, the motorist pays the deductible to the body shop and picks up the car. That’s it. Click here to find additional information about body shops and getting insurance to pay for repairs.

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