The Great Debate Over Keyboards Without Number Pads

by | Nov 6, 2012 | Computer & Internet

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There are conflicting reviews out there about keyboards without number pads.  Many people like them because they allow more room on their desk.  Since there no number pad on these types of keyboards, they are relatively smaller than ones that do have number pads.  A few of the reviews people have given on these keyboards without number pads will be discussed in this article.

Some people claim that it is much easier for them to use the numeric keypad that are available on some models than to reach up to the top row every time they need to key in a number.  Many people that work in retail like the keyboards with number pads for things such as keying in credit card information and adding up total costs of particular items.

Some laptops are made with number keypads and others have keyboards without number pads.  Some of the reviews of keyboards without number pads are that people are completely lost without the number pad they have become accustomed to.  Since all of the older models of computers were made with number pads, may people have become used to it.

There are still other reviews that seem to show that younger people who have been using computer keyboards without number pads for their entire lives actually love them.  They claim as stated earlier that there is much more room available to them because the keyboards without number pads are quite a bit smaller.

Many people feel that they like their keyboard centered to them and that the keyboards without number pads allow this to be the case while keyboards with number pads generally have the keypad stuck way out to the right or left and it can be quite cumbersome to use these and make your typing balance feel a bit off center.  Even so, others complain that the keyboards without number pads tend to slow them down quite a bit.

Basically it’s all in what you get use to.  If you have not been using computers for a long time and you have not become accustomed to the keyboards with number pads, you will more than likely take quite well to the keyboards without number pads.  If however, you have been using computers since their invention, not having a number pad all of a sudden can really tend to throw you off so to speak of your normal routine and comfort level of typing.

Most computer companies offer both the numbered keypad and the non-numbered keypads so that they can fill the needs and wishes of everyone.  When you find the one that suits you best, you will want to stick with that kind for the ease of it.

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