The best translations take into account local knowledge

by | Feb 1, 2013 | Communications

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Translating just the written word is not enough when the object is to really get your message across. Just as the English language has many “double meanings” to certain words and phrases depending upon the context, so do other languages have the same nuances. When the translations are being made to support a global marketing push, localization services are almost mandatory. Professional translations are required to allow a company every possible opportunity for success. Communication with business partners and customers is of paramount importance and communicating with a full understanding of local customs is a big plus.

Most companies today look to their internet web site as their key to international exposure. The reason is simple; it is the only medium that can address the entire world in a split second. The multi-cultural and multi-lingual nature of the internet must be addressed to be genuinely successful in foreign markets. When your web site is left as an English only site, you are missing many opportunities; about three quarters of the internet users are more comfortable in other languages. Studies have shown time after time that companies who tastefully translate their web sites, taking full cognizance of localization services are far more likely to have goods and services purchased from foreign customers than those who rely strictly on English.

When you consider the potential market and the impact just a small percentage of it can have on your business then the cost of having your web site and other supporting materials translated is well worth it. However, when the decision has been made to have translations made, they must be made so that they are culturally correct. To really be successful in foreign markets your customers have to be comfortable with your presentation, a simple “slip of the tongue” can be detrimental to all your efforts.

If your business is a specialty then the translations must be done by translators with knowledge of the business. There are many unique terms used in scientific fields, the law and engineering. When your documents and your web site are addressing similar professionals but in a different language, the terms must be translated accurately. Localization services can mean more than just a cultural awareness; it can also mean having business awareness as well.

The best translations are made by people who speak the language as their native language. The best translation agencies are those that have professionals located in the market. With translators with mother tongue capabilities you can be assured of expert and excellent localization services. The best translations are those that translate not only the written word but the meaning and intent as well. Words alone are often not enough to get the true meaning across.

ComTranslations International Agency has specialists who can provide localization services which result in a superior translation. The message is much clearer when culture is part of the translation.

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