Document Shredding in San Diego – How a Criminal Could Use Your Details to Commit Identity Theft

It does not take much for someone to steal your identity and begin draining your finances. Identity theft is the most common type of fraud in America and while this is a scary thought, there is something you can do to reduce the risks. Document shredding in San Diego is an effective way of destroying details that criminals could use to their benefit. An envelope with your address on it, a bank statement, security codes and credit cards are just some examples of the documents that criminals want to get their hands on. To protect yourself and your family as much as possible, invest in document shredding in San Diego.

Targeted Documents

When you first look at the long list of documents that criminals can use to commit fraud, you may feel overwhelmed. However, when you know how to categorize and organize these documents into piles, it will be easy to get document shredding in San Diego. Anything that displays your address, proof of identity or bank details could really put you at risk, so remember this the next time you throw unwanted documents in the bin. Examples of the documents you should destroy include credit card statements, bank statements, PIN numbers, passwords, credit card security codes, your resume, online banking information, your driving license and your passport. Even if a piece of paper details this information in pen or pencil, you should get it destroyed.

Stealing Your Identity

There are many ways in which a criminal can steal your identity but most commonly, they will focus on your postbox. That’s right, your postbox is home to an abundance of letters and this opens up a whole world of opportunity to someone who has experience in committing fraud. Even if you install security cameras or remove your post from the minute it is delivered, you could still be at risk because some fraudsters will follow your mail to a collection address. Almost 50 percent of identity theft cases will occur as a result of mail forwarding, so make sure you get document shredding in San Diego to dispose of junk mail or unwanted mail.

Staying Protected

You can protect yourself in a number of ways. A company that offers document shredding in San Diego can help you to avoid fraud, but you can also help yourself by stopping your bad habits. Check your credit report on a regular basis and always shred sensitive documents. You can also reduce the risks by installing secure mail boxes, canceling accounts you no longer use and redirecting your mail when you move home.

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