Why You Probably Need to Hire a Window Replacement Company Right Now

by | Feb 1, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

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Whether you bought a two hundred year old home, or brand new construction, you should consider a consultation with a window replacement company. If you’re a bit confused by the marked difference between these different types of homes, and why they both might benefit from window replacements, read on.

The Problem with Old Construction
While it’s true that older construction was typically more sound than new construction, aged materials can lead to a lot of problems. One part of your home that can be severely affected by aging are your windows, particularly around the outside molding.

Just about every window replacement company has seen an old home that was in great shape, except for where the windowsills began rotting away. This happens for a number of reasons, including:

Improperly painted and sealed windows on the exterior
Moisture build up between the panes drips down and collects near the molding
Weather changes can cause windows trimmings to expand and contract, which can crack and warp the wood

If you’re home hasn’t had its windows replaced since you’ve owned it, there’s a chance they’re in bad shape. Since a shoddy paint job can cover up the damage, you might not even know it. A window replacement company can come out and take a look, letting you know what you might need to do.

New Homes and Window Replacements
During the housing boom of the early and mid 2000’s a lot of homes were being built very quickly. This is because home builders were looking to capitalize on the bullish housing market. Everyone was buying, because the market was growing at an absurd pace, and real estate was a great investment.

Builders took shortcuts on the process wherever they could. This includes using cheap materials, including those used for window frames. Because of this, many homes that are less than five years old have windows that are in worse shape than those of homes that are centuries old.

If you’re in new construction, it might benefit you to contact a company that specializes in window replacement for an assessment. Hopefully they find everything to be just fine. But, if there is a problem, they can help you resolve it before it becomes a major and expensive issue.

Only Work with Reputable Companies
The trouble with calling a company out to inspect the condition of your windows is that they may be dishonest. You’re basically inviting them into your home and asking them to tell you that you need new windows.

You can avoid these deceptive and unethical sales tactics by working only with reputable companies in the area. Check references and use the online review sites to be sure that they’re on the up-and-up.

And, while you’re at it, make a call to Ja-Mar Exteriors, since they have decades in the business and a sterling online reputation.

This article is about window replacement in which you should look to get the best advice to service your needs from a professional window replacement company.

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