The Basics of Funeral Pre-Planning in Forest Hill You Can Benefit From Today

Life’s rites of passage are planned well in advance. It is easy to discuss plans surrounding first divers’ licenses, graduations and weddings, but issues surrounding a loved one’s death often remains unspoken until it is too late. Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services offers Pre-planning in Forest Hill, easing the emotional impact of losing a loved one.

Grieving family members may have disorganized thoughts and process information slower than expected. Physical exhaustion, distraction, and sleep problems may force them to slow down, making timely decisions impossible. Engaging in funeral planning can also traumatize mourning people by denying them opportunities to focus on their own emotions. The decisions made during this difficult period might not reflect your wishes or beliefs. Without pre-planning, confusion can displace the much needed celebration of a loved-one’s life.

Pre-planning communicates your wishes while protecting your friends and family from the added stress of making funeral arrangements a few hours after death. During pre-planning, you choose your clothing, hairstyle and make up, reflecting your personality. You can choose between burial and cremation while arranging your funeral coach, service programs, pallbearers, and the number of visitation days. If you buy your urn or coffin from Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services, you can take advantage of one of their funeral or cremation plans. Discussing each choice with others addresses hidden fears and concerns. Pre-planning in Forest Hill also shields your family from financial hardship, as finalizing your plan locks your funeral expenses at today’s rates, allowing you to cover part or all costs with savings, installments or life insurance. Survivors can grieve without the conflict that often accompanies serious financial obligations.

In addition to the savings provided by pre-planning, you may choose to save more by foregoing embalming, renting a casket instead of buying it, and having mourners stand at the graveside instead of providing chairs. You might choose to have a memorial service instead of having a complete funeral service at the funeral home.

When you are ready to begin pre-planning this final rite of passage, you can go to the Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services website. You will find their arrangement and pre-planning forms that help you organize and save your choices. You can submit the completed forms when you are ready. However, if you would rather meet with a funeral director in person, you can schedule a meeting.

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