Keep Your Home, Family or Business Cleaner With a Reliable Water Heater Colorado Springs CO

Whether you manage a home or run a business having reliable access to heated water is important. People use hot water for a variety of purposes including cleaning the dishes they eat off of, washing the clothes they wear and bathing. Each of these are important steps for living a healthy life, but how can you reliably maintain hot water? Well, the most obvious answer is a quality, name brand Water Heater Colorado Springs CO. However, it isn’t as simple as that. For instance, there are two basic types of water heaters and each of those have sub-types. Today’s manufacturers offer a tank based water heater and an in-line water heater.

The tank based water heater comes in an electric model and one that burns natural gas or propane. Storage water heaters have been in use for many decades and provide a very reliable hot water supply. Gas burning water heaters need to have an exhaust vent installed to ensure any hazardous fumes are released outside of the building. Besides the fuel source, the main difference between the gas water heater and the electric model is where the heat is applied. Gas units generally operate by heating the tank itself. The burner is usually under the tank which provides the perfect spot to apply heat. Electric water heaters have elements located inside the tank. Depending on the size of the tank, there can be one or two elements. Each element will be connected to a thermostat which shuts off power when the water reaches a predetermined temperature.

The alternative to sustaining hot water is the in-line water heater. These are also known as flash water heaters, tankless or on-demand hot water heaters. They function by passing water through a brass or copper heat exchanger. There is a small chamber inside these exchangers that hold the water just long enough for it to heat. The main benefits to using this type of water heater instead of a storage tank system include the ability to use multiple units wherever they are required and no stored, heated water that isn’t being used. Tankless water heaters come in whole house models and small room versions. Because they don’t store heated water it is possible to place small water heaters in both the kitchen and bath. Browse Site to learn more about your Water Heater Colorado Springs CO options.

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