Top Signs that Your Sales Process Needs Help

worldsbeststockpicks.comWhen you have a good sales process, then it will create a path with little resistance to the achievement of sales goals. Additionally, good sales processes feature long term reinforcement and consistent training. It will focus every member of your sales team on clearly defined expectations, which will lead to successful revenue and sales growth for your entire business.

However, not all sales processes are working as they should. Some telltale signs that you could benefit from Sales Management Training in Chicago are highlighted here.

Inconsistent Performance

In some cases this will be able to be explained by a number of other factors, such as different levels of experience, a difference in the territories that are covered or even the coaching needs. However, if the only thing that is consistent in your sales team performance is complete inconsistency, then it may be because there are no two people who are attempting their sales opportunities in the same manner.

Inability to Decipher Between Unqualified and Qualified Leads

Having a sales team that is able to decipher in a qualified or unqualified lead is essential. If you have not established some type of qualifying step within your sales process, then a number of representatives will wind up chasing leads that are going nowhere.

Sales Reps Clueless about Why a Sale was Not Successful

If there is no systemic sales process in place, then your sales people are likely going to blame external factors that they have no control over. This does not provide you with the information necessary to make the adjustments that are needed to improve your sales results.

Sales Reps do Not Know Why Someone will Buy and Will Not Buy

Sales reps who are not uniformly obtaining the motives and needs that are behind a customer’s buying decision will also struggle in presenting any type of value laden solution that will close the sale – if they are even able to get that far.

Different Words for the Steps of a Sale are Used by Different Sales Reps

If you do not implement a common language for sales, then the communication will break down between the sales reps and the sales managers. This can cause accountability to erode and any sales meetings will be virtually valueless to your sales reps.

When you create a good sales process, with ample and consistent training, you can have confidence that your sales reps will be able to successfully close sales on a regular basis.

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