Steps Professionals Will Take When Testing a Commercial Fire Alarm

As a business owner, you have to prepare for the unexpected. Putting safeguards in place to minimize the damage a fire can do is important. While fire extinguishers are a great addition to any commercial building, having fire alarm systems installed is the best way to minimize the damage a fire does. After professionals have installed the fire alarm panel, you should schedule routine maintenance to ensure this important piece of equipment stay working correctly. Below are some of the things a professional will do when testing a fire alarm panel.

Testing The Monitoring And The Devices Connected to the Panel

The best way to tell if fire alarm systems are working in a Louisville, KY commercial building is by activating a pull station. The first thing a professional will do when testing a panel is to activate a pull to see if the horns, strobes and the monitoring system works. If the system does not connect to the local fire department, it could take hours for them to respond to the fire. This means a building to be totally engulfed by the time they arrive. Having a test performed on the fire alarm panel regularly is the best way to find and fix any issues that exist.

Checking Out The Battery Backup

The next thing professionals will do when testing fire alarm systems is to check the battery backup. When the power goes out in a commercial building, the backup batteries on the fire alarm kick in to keep it running. Over time, these batteries can go bad for a number of reasons. The professionals will check the voltage on the batteries and the terminals to ensure they are corrosion free. If the batteries are bad, the professionals will have no problem replacing them.

The professionals at Sonitrol can keep a company’s fire alarm system in good working order. Go to their website or call them at 888-510-2001 to schedule a consultation.

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