Three Specialty Services Offered By A Fence Company In St Paul

When most people think of a fence company, they mostly think of the installation of new fencing systems, and while this is one of the most common services they provide, many also offer a variety of other services that make keeping a home safe and looking great simple. Before seeking out a contractor, consider reaching out to a Fence Company in St Paul to see if they can help. Here is a look at the top three specialty services that they offer.

Driveway Gates

One of the best ways to prevent the onset of theft and other illegal activity in a home is to install gates at the entrance to a home’s driveway. This makes it more complicated for would-be thieves to access the property, but many can be operated remotely and allow homeowners to allow guests to have access to their property easily. A fence company can install a quality driveway gate that will keep a property safe and add natural beauty.

Custom Railings

A railing makes a stairwell or outdoor space more safe by providing a source of support to those who are traversing in the area. A Fence Company in St Paul can design a custom railing that will add architectural appeal while keeping a space safe for people of all ages. Railings can be constructed out of metal or wood, and are a perfect way to keep guests safe without breaking the bank.

Arbors and Pergolas

The best way to enjoy the great outdoors is to create a variety of outdoor seating areas that protect from the heat of the summer sun. An arbor or pergola can be built in as little as one day, and instantly transform a humdrum patio or deck into a beautiful oasis. Many homeowners are choosing to plant vining plants around the structures to add additional appeal and natural beauty.

No matter what type of upgrades an owner wants to complete, the team at Dakota Unlimited can help. Check out their website to learn more about Dakota Unlimited and the vast array of services they provide to help keep a home safe and looking great all year long.

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