The Importance of Safety During a Turnaround

A routine turnaround is a fact of life at most factories, refineries, and plants. When a turnaround occurs, the normal operations of the industry stops, and important service and maintenance is performed. There is one very serious issue that companies deal with during a turnaround: turnaround safety. Here are some of the issues that you should look out for if you are planning a turnaround:

Not Training or Fully Explaining Tasks to Staff

Generally, you need all hands on deck when doing a turnaround, so not everyone who works during this time is familiar with the equipment or safety precautions. A turnaround might also include temporary workers, who certainly won’t understand how things run. So, this means that there are going to be quite a few new and fully inexperienced people working. So, it is imperative that you explain all of the safety policies with these new or inexperienced people to make sure everyone knows how to handle things when on the job.

Not Keeping Safety Protocols in Place

Another thing that often puts people in danger is not keeping their company safety protocols in place. Accident rates are often higher during a company turnaround when compared to a routine day. One of the biggest reasons for this is that during a normal day, people are in a routine and follow the company’s safety protocols. During a turnaround, people are out of their comfort zones, so they make more mistakes. You have to make sure to emphasize and establish safety protocols from the start as a way to prevent any accidents.

Not Creating a Safety-Minded Environment

Finally, make sure that you are creating a company culture that is safety minded. This is especially the case during a turnaround. All of your employees must know that safety is the main priority of the company. Also, make sure that they know that there are consequences for those who do not follow the right safety procedures, especially for the sake of convenience or more productivity.

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