Signs You May Need a Basement Waterproofing Service in Washington, DC

A basement that isn’t properly waterproofed could be a haven for mold and a health hazard. Understanding the signs of an improperly waterproofed basement can help homeowners determine whether they might benefit from a Basement Waterproofing Service in Washington DC.

Musty Smells

A basement shouldn’t smell moldy or musty. This is a sign that water may be finding its way into the room and causing damage, even if mold isn’t currently visible.

Substances on the Walls

Two possible substances could be on the walls to indicate water damage: efflorescence and mold. Efflorescence is a white, chalky substance that is a sign that minerals may be leaching out of the walls, while mold can be green, white, or black and cause health problems.

Damage to Walls or Floors

A more serious potential sign of water damage is if there are cracks in the walls or the floors or if the walls are bowed. These need to be repaired even if they aren’t caused by water damage or they’ll allow water to seep in and cause more damage. This is especially true if left unfixed over time, as any water that seeps in may freeze and expand the cracks even more.

Water Marks

A clear sign that water is getting in is if there are water marks on the walls or windows. This means that water’s gotten into the basement at least once in the past and the situation needs to be remedied or it will happen again.

Other Signs

Paint peeling off the walls, doors, and windows that stick, and wet walls are all signs of potential problems with basement waterproofing. Call a basement waterproofing service in Washington DC to determine how the water is entering and how to stop it from doing so in the future.

Potential Causes

A number of factors make water entering into the basement more likely, including the ground settling under the home, a high water table, or having the ground outside improperly graded to draw water away from the home instead of toward it.

Contact us for more information. Worldwide Basement Waterproofing can help with waterproofing basements and crawl spaces, as well as dealing with mold and foundation problems.

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