Services Offered by a Private Detective in Atlanta

An actual private detective is very different from the one portrayed in movies. Private detectives are tasked with procuring evidence regarding suspected criminals and doubtful cases. A major part of their job revolves around surveillance, which requires them to be patient and spend time noting the activities of suspects. Hiring a private detective in Atlanta can be very beneficial for people who are suspicious of the actions of their spouse, or another person. There are many private investigation agencies in Atlanta. These are licensed, official agencies registered with the government and only hire licensed investigators. On the other hand, independent private detectives also offer their services in Atlanta. However, hiring an independent private detective in Atlanta is a slightly cheaper option, since they work as freelancers. Here are some of the services provided by private detectives:

1. Computer and Cell Phone Forensics

Private detectives that are contracted by agencies can recover cell phones and find erased data. For instance, in cases of abduction, private detectives can track suspects and recover information from their devices in order to determine the victim’s whereabouts. Forensic experts have advanced tools that can search through computers and cell phones in order to find erased data and files. This is also useful in other cases, such as cases involving a cheating spouse. The forensic experts can also install transmitters and software hacks in to a smartphone procured by detectives at the agency, to track all movements and calls made from that phone.

2. Kidnapping Cases

Atlanta is the largest city in the US State of Georgia. Because of the vast size of the city, kidnapping cases are very common. While the police force does its best to help in such cases, many people also decide to enlist the help of a private detective in Atlanta. A private detective can speed up proceedings and procure new evidence using their contacts and skills. These detectives have informants on the streets as well. These are classified as criminal cases, and only licensed investigators have the training to handle such cases. Moreover, in case where a kidnapper demands a ransom, detectives can also serve as mediators between the two parties.

3. DNA Services

DNA is one of the most irrefutable pieces of evidence today. A trained private detective in Atlanta who is contracted to an agency is often trained to procure DNA from a scene of crime, or a suspected place. This can help authorities gain new leads, or confirm hard evidence against suspects. DNA is very useful today. It can determine whether a person was in possession of drugs, and can even be used to help establish the innocence of individuals who have been charged with a major crime.

Investigative Solutions have trained private detectives and offers professional services to solve your case in Atlanta. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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