Understanding Basic Defensive Driving

If you are trying to get your PEI Drivers License it is in your best interest to get a better understanding of defensive driving skills. A driving course will teach you the importance of defensive driving skills to keep you safe on the road. Here are some defensive driving rules to help you get your drivers license in PEI area:

The Seconds Rules

Counting seconds will help you learn how long it takes to reach a certain point and how fast you are going. A good driver will learn to better manage the space they need to drive and manoeuvre safely when faced with danger. You need the time to react as well. The timing rules are based on a number of seconds to allow you to avoid danger as follows:

  1. Time and Spacing: This is an easy skill to pick up. Simply look at the car ahead of you and look at a fixed spot such as a street light. When the car passes the fixed milestone, count to two: one Mississippi, two Mississippi. You should not reach the same milestone before you are finished counting to two. If you do you are driving too fast and following too close. This will be your safety guide for speed and spacing so you are able to stop suddenly without a collision.

  2. Stopping Distance: If you are travelling above 60 KPH you want to be certain you can stop safely at this speed as more damage can be done when you must stop suddenly. Use the same basics as above, but this time focus on something ahead and start counting. If you count up to four seconds then the milestone you focused on will show you your minimum stopping distance.

  3. Lead Time: You can also estimate how much you need to slow down when you see an object. You can look at an object that you will reach in 12 seconds and slow your driving down to avoid hitting it. You will learn how to adjust driving to avoid potential hazards if you learn to practice this skill.

Understanding time and space will allow you to anticipate your ability to stop safely. When following too close or driving too fast you increase your odds of a collision during a sudden stop. Defensive driving will keep you safe once you get your PEI drivers license.


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