Eliminate Household Nuisances With the Help of Pest Control Services

Pest Control means different things to different people. The most common use of the term is when you need help to control those annoying bugs that invade the home. Other forms of pest control involve the removal of nuisances like bees or the elimination of ant colonies. Another concern that people may have is rodent infestation. Unfortunately, these types of pest control tend to have specific remedies and require special tools, pesticides or handling. For instance, eliminating mice from your home could require the use of traps or baits. You will also need to find out where the rodents enter the building and make any required repairs.

General pest control usually requires regular treatments to eliminate serious problems. Consider a roach infestation. This particular pest has a tendency to leave a treated area and return when the pesticides have worn off. Even worse, many pests have different life cycles which make it difficult to completely eliminate them. The flea is one of these. The typical life cycle of the flea averages between a few weeks to many months. This covers the stages of egg, larva, pupa and adult.

One reason it is difficult to eliminate an insect like fleas is because the female can lay about forty eggs a day. These eggs are usually laid on pets and fall off when they move. This leaves the eggs in your carpets or furniture where they hatch into larvae. Larval fleas live on skin cells, previously digested blood from adult fleas, also known as flea dirt, and other organic matter. The larva develops over several weeks into the pupae stage. This stage accounts for about ten percent of the flea population in the home. The cocoon stage is the last one before the adult flea emerges. Because of these long and varied stages, there is always some chance that flea removal won’t be complete. In fact, this is why most exterminators recommend multiple visits.

Other common pests include ants. Ants don’t live in your home, but they can be a real nuisance when they locate a source of food inside. You won’t normally notice a problem until you see the ants marching along a cabinet or counter on the way to their next snack. This happens after the scouts have searched your home. You will see these as the individual insects randomly wandering through the area. Learn more about Pest Control from Wildcat Exterminating.



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