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by | Dec 30, 2011 | General

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Dental crowns, the very words tend to set off extreme fear reactions in most dental patients. There seems to be a predetermined aura of pain surrounding the need for having a dentalcrown. Perhaps because in the past the words follow the even more fear inducing words of “root canal.” These types of dental generalizations come from years of past attitudes and dental experiences. Fortunately today, these really are experiences of the past. If you need to discuss the possibilities of using crowns to correct some of your more severe dental problems, then contact an Austin dental crown professional and see how today’s procedures are much more patient friendly.

Today dental crowns can be done in white porcelain so there is no evidence of your real tooth being absent to anyone other than your dentist. Perhaps your tooth is badly decayed and the dentist advises you that such a large filling is destined to fail. He may advise you that a crown is your best option. Today having dental crowns placed no longer requires you to undergo painful root canal process beforehand. Today you can have a crown placed as a method of repairing a tooth without the root canal as long as there is no significant damage to the nerve of the tooth.

Dental crowns are also used as a means to replace missing teeth. People can lose teeth for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the tooth never formed and came in correctly. Perhaps you had the tooth extracted and now have a permanent gap in your smile. Perhaps the tooth was broken off as a result of an accidental injury you received. These are all scenarios that can be resolved with the application of a dental crown. A dental crown is typically cast in porcelain and colored to match the rest of your natural smile. If the tooth being crowned is in the far back of your jaw line your Austin dental crown provider may recommend having a gold crown installed. The immense pressure and grinding exerted by your back molars as you chew food can possibly cause a porcelain crown to break, but the gold crowns are metal and hold up longer to that particular type of pressure.

When you find yourself in the unique position of needing to have a tooth crowned or to have a crown placed due to the loss of a permanent tooth then always seek treatment from Austin dental crown providers with experience and expertise to address all your dental needs in a comforting and compassionate manner.

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