Selling Gold to Coin Buyers Greenville

Gold is one of the hottest commodities on the market now. The value of gold has risen to dramatic heights in recent years and it is only expected to go higher. Many People have gold and they don’t even know it. Gold could be in any number of things from jewelry to circuit boards. Right now is a great time to sell your gold coins and jewelry to Coin Buyers Greenville.

The first thing that should be known when selling gold is what karat it is. Karat is a measure of the purity of gold. The higher the karat the more the gold is worth. Most gold jewelry will have the Karat number imprinted on it. This will be a number next to a k that is stamped on the jewelry. 24k is the highest purity of gold that is available. While 24k gold is the most valuable other karats can still fetch a high price. So don’t panic if your gold isn’t 24k. Coins can also have variable amounts of gold in them. Coins often have less gold than jewelery because coins need to withstand the rigors of circulation. Gold coins can still contain a high percentage of gold. Older coins especially have a higher amount of gold in them. Older coins can contain as much as 90 percent gold. Coin Buyers Greenville can help you find the purity of your gold.

The second thing should be taken in to account when selling coins and jewelery is how much an item weighs. The more an item weighs the more it is worth. Weighing gold is not as simple as using a scale because gold is measured using a different measuring system than other materials. Gold is measured in troy ounces instead of avoirdupois ounces. You can easily convert your avoirdupois measurements into troy measurements by multiplying your measurement by 0.91146. If you are having trouble weighing your gold than Coin Buyers Greenville can do it for you.

Once the weight and purity of a gold item has been determined selling it is easy. Selling gold is as easy as taking it to Coin Buyers Greenville.