Choosing Subtle Funeral Music for the Service

by | Apr 8, 2013 | Funeral

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Funeral music can be a great and inexpensive way to truly honor the spirit and memory of your loved one. It can be played at both the viewing and the funeral service itself, depending on what you choose. Most funeral homes will have a sound system, so they will be able to play whatever you want. Music can be a way to invoke powerful emotions, thoughts, and memories. There is no right or wrong music when you are making selections, but you will probably want to select something subtle, yet something that would be reminiscent of your loved one as well. All mortuaries San Diego facilities will allow music to be played.

Selecting Music that is Appropriate for Funerals

Choosing the right funeral music is essential, and it is an important part of the funeral service for many people. It may be hard to select the right songs, so you may want to use the services of a music director if you are having trouble making the selections on your own. You will need something that is appropriate for a funeral, yet something that honors the memory of your loved one as well. Most people select church hymns, instrumental music, or modern songs if they hold special meaning. If you are choosing a modern song for a particular reason, then you may need to explain why you chose it to the guests at the funeral home. This is especially true if the song is one that would not be typically played at a funeral. It could have been a song that the deceased loved, or anything else. You can play anything you want to, as long as it is respectful to the deceased and others who attend the funeral. Traditional funeral songs usually have some relation to classical or religious music. Songs that contain a message of hope or eternal life are also popular for funerals, because they convey a message to both the deceased, and the family and friends present at the service.

Knowing What Is Allowed at the Funeral

Funerals do not have to be completely sad. Many people choose to celebrate the life of their loved one instead. Some people prefer to have a live singer at the funeral to sing whatever songs they select. The singers may be alone, or they could be accompanied by acoustic guitar and piano players. While this is a pretty common practice, some funeral homes probably won’t allow it. Before you make any arrangements with outside music vendors, or any other outside vendor for that matter, you need to check with the funeral home first to make sure that they are in agreement. Most funeral home directors will allow you to have what you want, but it is still courteous to ask.

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