A Sign of Membership: Masonic Signet Ring

by | Oct 9, 2014 | GOLD

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A Masonic Signet Ring is worn with pride by Mason’s and often passed down through family lines as a symbol of honor and remembrance. Since in general Masonic lodges do not provide rings or other jewelry to their members, each ring is custom designed and purchased by individual members.

A Masonic Signet Ring for sale can be worn to acknowledge membership in a fraternal lodge, honor the history of the Mason’s and as a sign of reaching the level of Master Mason. There are no hard and fast rules on colors or other unique aspects of rings, with such details being left to the individual wearer.

Some common themes include:

The square and compasses, often accompanied by the letter G is the most well known of the Masonic symbols, but others include:

  • Masonic Gavel

  • The Anchor and Ark

  • Skull

  • Euclid’s 47th Proposition

  • Lodge Numbers

  • Sheaf of Corn

  • The Ark of the Covenant

  • The Masonic Apron

  • Masonic Trowel

  • Masonic Eye

  • Brick and Mortar

  • Masonic Altar

  • Blazing Star

  • Masonic Lamb

  • Cornerstone

The options to personalize your ring are endless and only limited by your imagination. Visit J. Jenkins Sons Company to see what options are available to you.

If you have family that is involved in related Masonic activities such as York or Scottish Rite, Order of the Eastern Stars, DeMolay, and Shrines, a masonic style ring can make the perfect gift for holidays are as signs of respect when an individual reaches a higher level of membership status.

Along with personal Masonic Signet Rings, you may see individuals wearing antique or vintage rings that symbolize the long history of the Masons. Such jewelry, when not handed down through families, may be kept in Lodge families or found in antique stores or online. Many of the older rings are made of 14-karat gold and contain semi-precious stones.

It is important to remember that Masonic rings are usually only worn by those who are active members in the organization. If you have a ring that was passed down through family lines, but are not an active Mason, wearing the ring on a chain would be a sign of respect to both current Masons and those who have passed on. Browse website for more information.

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