Cosmetics in Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the area of dentistry that focuses on the appearance of the teeth rather than the specific health or condition of the teeth. Although technically, the two can go hand in hand, many cosmetic dentists will focus on whitening the teeth, cleaning the teeth, setting veneers onto the teeth and other work that makes the clients’ smile brighter.

Whilst the cosmetic side of dentistry is not officially recognized by the ADA—the American Dental Association—there are many dentists who ‘specialize’ in cosmetic dentistry and who promote themselves exactly as that, rather than a general dentist.

Most areas of cosmetic dental work are to do with the improvement of the appearance of the teeth and this can include bleaching the teeth—usually the front main teeth but sometimes the entire set. It can also include the reshaping of some teeth that may have become crooked, cracked or chipped. Bonding is also a common process that marries a new surface to the teeth to replace failing enamel. Other areas of cosmetic dentistry are bridges, crowns—known as caps, gum lifting—whereby the gum are reshaped to make the teeth seem larger and the gums smaller.

Who to Turn to

Your own dentist may perform some cosmetic procedures as a matter of course but they may not claim to perform all of what you may want. For instance, a cosmetic dentist in Austin TX might perform a gum lift but their counterpart in any other city may only perform the bleaching process and no other procedures. If you feel that your teeth could do with some cosmetic attention the first place you should turn to is your own dentist. They can assess what treatment you might require and if they cannot or will not perform the procedure themselves they will likely refer you to a specialist who can do it for you. Many procedures are expensive and will cost a few hundred dollars and more, depending on what you want done. Check around a few reputable dentists and get a few prices, but remember that the cheapest might not be the best. Always check the credentials of the dentists before you commit to any specific dental and cosmetic work and be sure you are comfortable with the dentist.

To find an honest cosmetic dentist in Austin TX, get in contact with Anne Lyon DDS to find out about their list of treatments and prices.

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