Sedation Dentists Are Becoming All The Rage

by | Mar 5, 2013 | General

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Most folks hate to go to the dentist either because they are afraid of the pain they may be caused or they just have a general fear of the dentist altogether. This is one reason why sedation dentists are becoming all the rage in today’s society. Sedation dentistry is different because you are put under sedation while the dental procedures are being performed in your mouth. Many folks are finding sedation dentistry to be exactly what they have been looking for.

No one wants to be awake during any type of surgery and nine times out of ten you are put under some form of sedation or anesthesia while you are under the knife so that your body can relax. Likewise no one really wants to be put in pain in the dentist office either, therefore more and more people are choosing sedation dentists over regular family dentists.

If you decide to go to visit a sedation dentist office to have your dental procedures done, you can choose whether to be put completely under or to just have mild anesthesia. Your sedation dentist will let you know what they recommend according to what procedure you are having done. Be sure to discuss with them all of your medical history before undergoing any type of sedation.

There are a few risks associated with sedation dentistry that you should be aware of. If you are elderly or someone who has a compromised immune system you should probably choose to stay with your regular dentist over going to see a dentist who works with sedation. If however you are in good health and are not elderly there is no reason why you can’t proceed with sedation dentistry. You may find that once you try this type of dentistry, you never want to go back to general dentistry.

A few of the common side effects you may have from sedation dentistry are grogginess, nausea and dizziness, and a fast heartbeat. These side effects are generally minimal and will not affect you long-term. Most of these side effects will go away within a few hours after your sedation dentistry procedure. If you suffer from a drop in blood pressure during your dental procedure you may want to choose not to have sedation dentistry during your next procedure.

If you are someone who has a real fear of going to the dentist and get extremely nervous every time you think about it you may want to give sedation dentistry a try. You can go online and do a search for sedation dentists in your area if you would like to give this a try.

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