Three Places to Find TEFL Resources and Make Your Job Easier

If you are new to the teaching industry, you are probably looking for TEFL resources to help you on the path to victory. The more confidence you possess when teaching a class full of students, the higher the success rate will be and by checking out TEFL resources, you can make it a fulfilling experience for you and your students. Countries like Thailand are always on the lookout for fresh, qualified teachers who have the ability to speak in front of others and introduce fascinating learning techniques. If you think you have what it takes to teach English to foreign students and want to maximize your potential in a classroom, spare some time to view the following TEFL resources.

TEFL Boot Camp

Are you willing to pay to access TEFL resources? If so, check out the TEFL Boot Camp, which is an online paid certification program. Prices range between $100 and $190 and for this price you will be introduced to teaching English as a foreign language. You don’t have to pay for the TEFL boot camp though, because there free resources available too. This course is a non-certification one and although you will not be certified when you complete the course, you will have a better understanding of this industry. Lesson planning, teaching techniques and presentation skills are just a few examples of the things you can learn through this TEFL resource.

The Internet TESL Journal

Another way to kick-start your career is to refer to the Internet TESL Journal. You can scour through thousands of useful resources when you use this website and best of all, you can learn from wherever you are in the world. Read these TEFL resources on the go and select a topic that suits you. E-learning styles, cultures, discipline and discussion questions can be found through the Internet TESL Journal and all of these resources can be used in more than 40 different countries.

Log on to and find the section that says ‘TEFL Reference’. When you click on this section you will be taken to a page of resources in various categories. You choose which resource you want to view and you can even play games to test your knowledge as a teacher. If you will be teaching English you should find worksheets that target spelling, grammar and pronunciation. You can even view lesson plans and use these when you teach students in foreign countries.

When you look at TEFL resources on the you can widen your prospects and gain a better understanding of teaching routes you can go down.

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