Polyimide Tape Works as a Insulator, and More

Businesses and manufacturers often use polyimide tape in situations involving high temperatures or electrical components. Polyimide tape is efficient for such uses due to the fact that it is coated with film that is able to endure high temperatures, while still maintaining its adhesive strength. As such, polyimide tape works well as insulators in electrical applications. A silicone adhesive allows the tape to adhere firmly, yet can be removed easily and cleanly.

Because of its ability to resist extremely high temperatures, polyimide tape is used by manufacturing businesses as well as in electrical machinery as an insulator, such as in the assemblage of circuit boards and other related endeavors. A thin yet strong and durable tape, its silicone adhesive can be removed without damaging other components with residue. Even at high temperatures, it is difficult to tear or otherwise damage the tape. Polyimide tape is often used in environments such as a laptop computer or digital cameras because of its semi-conductivity, durability and resistance to heat and chemicals.

Manufacturers may also use polyimide tape in packaging as a material that shields x-rays in order to protect sensitive products. In military and commercial aircraft winds, it is often used as wire and cabling insulation as well.

Polyimide tape has numerous industrial applications due to its following attributes:

    • A high performance tape, it withstands temperatures as high as 500 F (260 C).
    • It resists both heat and chemical solvents.
    • It has properties that are dielectric, which means it can absorb electrical impulses without conducting them, which makes it a great insulator.
    • It conforms well to any kind of surface, including those that are jagged, uneven or difficult.
    • Extremely flexible, it is thin and weighs little.
    • It does not leave any residue even after long exposure to elements.
    • It is resistant to flames, chemicals and radiation.
    • High tensile strength and extremely low creep, which means it can take a lot of stress without tension relief
    • It is used to insulate a wide range of electrical items, including circuit boards, cars, capacitors, transformers and more

Since it is a high functioning and generally more expensive tape film, tape experts can help business owners and others in finding the most efficient way to implement the use of polyimide tape into operations if it proves to be the best choice. There are a wide variety of types of tapes and films numbering in the thousands that are available for businesses and consumers. Finding the one that best fits one’s purpose can be a challenge, but there are tape experts who are well educated on what kinds of tape will benefit any particular business the best.

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