Recovering After Surgery on Your Spine and When to Call Your Doctor

If you’ve been experiencing pain in your spine, then you might want to consider talking to your doctor about surgery. An MRI and other diagnostic scans can be performed to determine the severity of any health issues that are present so that the proper surgery or other treatment can be put in place. After going to a spine center in Reading, PA, there are a few tips that can help with recovering after surgery if it’s the option that you choose.


Try to begin moving around as soon as you can after surgery. This will prevent the muscles around your spine from locking in place and preventing you from moving at all in the future. Try not to bend over a lot or lift anything heavier than about five pounds until the incision is healed and until you’ve fully recovered from surgery.


Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about medications to relieve your pain. In order to recover properly, you need to know how to manage the pain that you feel instead of pushing it aside. Once you do have your pain under control, you can then begin the process of moving around and healing so that your back can get stronger.

Making Contact

There could be times when you need to contact your doctor after surgery at a spine center in Reading, PA. If you exhibit any signs of an infection, such as a temperature or drainage from incision sites, then you need to alert your doctor as an antibiotic would likely need to be given. You should also alert your doctor if you experience any numbness or tingling on one or both sides of your body. Contact the office if there are any changes in your bowels or if you notice any kind of chest pain or shortness of breath as well.

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