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When you need to ship a lot of products, our pallet shrink wrap machine helps you protect them while they are in storage or in transit. No matter how you ship your products, they will get jostled. Trucks, trains, ships, planes and inter-modal shipping containers experience plenty of bumps. Improperly loaded products on a plane, train, boat or truck could also damage your products while they are in transit. Shrink wrapping the pallets of items reduces the likelihood of damage.

We also recommend shrink wrapping as a way to reduce the risk of theft and unintentional product loss. Loose items on a pallet are tempting and easy for thieves to take. Items that are loose could also simply roll off of the pallet. This leads to product loss and unhappy customers. Shrink wrapping the whole lot reduces this problem.

Our shrink wrapping machines work as efficiently as possible. Your employees will not have to do this difficult task by hand. Having a machine do it means less time and a lower risk of on-the-job injuries for your workers. Machines also maximize the shrink wrap itself. By carefully calculating how much wrap is needed for the pallet, we can help you reduce the amount of wrap that you use on a per pallet basis. Even if you just reduce the shrink wrap usage by 1 percent per pallet, you could save a lot of money every year on buying fewer cartons of wrap.

Our pallet shrink wrap machine provides you with peace of mind knowing that the items you ship will arrive intact and undamaged at your customer’s facility. We save you time, money and resources with our quality equipment. Give us a call today, or visit us online at for more information about our shrink wrap machines for pallets.

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