Is A Micro Motion Coriolis Meter The Right Choice?

One of the advantages of working with a distributor with expertise in process instrumentation and control requirements is the ability to have assistance in choosing the correct components for your system and your application.

It is not uncommon for the incorrect type of flow meters, pressure transmitters, and even sensors to be used in a system. Often this is a result of the designer and engineer not understanding the options on the market, or not being on top of the latest in models, features, and technology.

One of the newer options in meters on the market is the Micro MotionCoriolis meter. This is a durable meter that is designed to directly measure the flow of gasses or liquids through a system using the Coriolis effect to measure the twist or movement at specific points in two oscillating tubes, with the difference in the movement resulting in a highly accurate flow measurement.

The Accuracy

When it comes to accuracy, the Micro MotionCoriolis meter is one of the best on the market. The Emerson, the top manufacturer, and the company first marketing this technology offers meters that have an accuracy rating of 0.05%.

Measurement Options

The choice of the Micro Motion Coriolis meter allows for the measurement of mass flow, temperature of the media, as well as liquid density. The operating principle of the meter also means that it can work for any type of media, including highly viscous substances, which makes it very versatile.

Unlike some meters, the Micro Motion Coriolis can be configured for bi-directional flow, which gives it an advantage in some systems. It is also a low maintenance type of meter, and it has a long duty cycle with a proven track record.

The one consideration with this meter is that it is limited to use in systems where the lines are less than 12 inches. This is still a meter that is worth considering for most production and processing types of applications.

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