Details You Should Know About Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are often used in many places such as homes and offices. These floors are liked because of their durability and elegance since they are attractive. The common types of wood that are used to make these floors include oak, mahogany, maple, and pine. Oak is the most common type of wood used in hardwood flooring since it is considered to have higher qualities. Amongst these qualities include that oak is more durable and easier to refinish compared to the other types of wood. However, oak is also the most expensive which is justified by the quality of hardwood floors it makes.

Hardwood floors are usually categorized depending on the grades of the wood they were made from. The highest grade of wood used to make this type of floors usually does not have blemishes or knots. A single type of wood can have several grades with the one without blemishes and knots being rated higher. These floors are also categorized as solid or engineered. The solid hardwood floors are made using the same type of wood from top to bottom and therefore there are no additional types of wood. On the other hand, engineered floors usually have the specified type of wood as the face of the floor while the bottom side is made from materials similar to plywood. The material from the wood used on the face of the floor is usually cut into thin strips and then glued to the plywood. This reduces the cost of the floor but it also reduces the grade of the floor.

Hardwood floors are also categorized with colors where darker colors are more ideal for places which are less travelled. This is because scratches and damages are more visible in darker colors than in the brighter colors. Therefore, the floors made of brighter wood are ideal for places such as entry ways and foyers since they will not show damages quickly.

Hardwood floors are required to be well maintained so that they can remain attractive and last long. Amongst the simplest ways of maintaining these floors is by ensuring that they are cleaned regularly. This is because dirt is the main component that damages these floors. While cleaning, one should use the right amenities such as white vinegar and soft scrubbing materials. One can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dirt that might be on these floors. As a further maintenance precaution one can put a no shoes policy especially in homes so as to prevent the damages that are usually caused by shoes. Another way of maintaining these floors is cleaning any spill immediately especially if the spilled substance can be absorbed by the wood. This will eliminate the chances of stains forming on these floors. Therefore, hardwood floors are both attractive and elegant provided they are properly maintained.

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