A Comparison Between a Public and a Private School of Potomac

by | Mar 5, 2013 | Education

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There are many good private schools in Potomac that have specified goals to keep their yearly enrollment per class below 200 students. Needless to mention, private institutions rarely depend on third party’s donations and funds, thus they have their own capitals to invest in the building the new campuses and classes. They ensure a secure and broad-prospective schooling system along with a technology enriched environment to parents. As such, funds aren’t a primary issue for the administrator since their only goal is to create a powerful teaching system with the help of trained teachers and technologies.

If you are to choose to between a private school or a public schooling system in Potomac, I am sure you will feel a little irritated about the latter one. The reason why private instructions are preferred over municipal institutions is not only the standard of education that is offered, instead it’s much more than it; ample classrooms, amenities and general utilities, educational procedures, qualification of teachers, security level, and top of all the environment.

Not to deny, public schools are faced with several financial constraints because their system can’t work without the funding support and capital investment of government. They often leg behind the private schools as they don’t get enough funds to incorporate modern educational module in their class set-up. Lack of good infrastructure and lack of advance educational equipments keep these institutions at the bottom of schooling list. Not to mention that parents of the 21st century are very concerned about their children. They don’t spend much money on anything as they spend on the schooling of their kids. These all efforts are to secure their future.

Filthy bathrooms, dirty rooms, crowded classrooms, and less efficient teaching system would keep all public schools off the parents’ lists. They’d rather pay high school fees and enroll their kids to a private school in a class of five students or below. In addition, private schools in Potomac offer a series of good outdoor opportunities to their students in form of horse riding, swimming, games, dance shows, geographic projects, traveling, and scouting whereas public schools spend their most of times in thinking about how to deal with financial shortcomings and provide an interactive teaching system to the students, watch the difference!

There are a lot catholic boarding schools as well that are geared toward making your kid a man of values and ethics. Upon enrollment, he will be taken to a group of other students and taught all basic rules of life, including customary lessons on field subjects. These schools provide core values and exceptional spiritual development along with the education in the general life subjects such as science, biology, chemistry, mathematics and English. However, some students simply flourish in the strict environment of boarding system where some wither away and never make it out. Just choose the right schooling system for your kids.

It’s not pathetic to find out a good schooling system for your kid now, because there is an institution that is known for providing better educational environment and physical development of kids, that’s Feynman School.

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