Pet Insurance and Your Animal Hospital in Murrieta

by | Jan 4, 2012 | Animal Health

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When we bring pets into our homes and hearts, we expect to feed them, provide for their comfort, and keep them healthy, including providing medical care through an animal hospital in Murrieta. Medical advances in the field of veterinary care allow us greater opportunities to care for our companion animals when they become ill. Often we do not realize the potential of the interventions offered by veterinary science, and we are elated to have a chance to help our pets when they are diagnosed with an illness. But then we discover the other side of that potential: the potential for high bills associated with medical treatment.

Just like humans, animals can be diagnosed with long-term health problems, such as heart ailments, diabetes, and even cancer, the last of which is being diagnosed at an increasing rate. Diagnostic imaging methods similar to ones used for humans can be used for pets and are wonderful tools for getting to the bottom of a problem; likewise, laboratory tests on blood are used to diagnose all kinds of medical issues. Pet owners, though, are then confronted with high bills for such tests and are often unprepared for them. Some may even regretfully decline such testing or care at their animal hospital in Murrieta because they cannot afford the expenses out of pocket. This is where pet insurance can be a real, well, life saver!

Pet insurance works similarly to medical insurance for humans; you pay for a policy that will provide coverage for your pet’s medical needs, whether for illness, accidental injury, and even preventive care, depending on the policy you choose. Policies are available that do not limit you to a particular animal hospital in Murrieta, preserving your freedom of choice with regard to veterinarian.

Most of us know how much it costs to accomplish routine care of our pets—the usual vaccinations, food, etc.—but we cannot predict the cost of medical care for our pets. Even if our pets are put on medications for which the cost is predictable, an injury could occur at any time which might require medical attention: for example, a broken leg can cost at least $2,000 to fix. It can be hard to plan to set aside money for such expenses, especially when we don’t have a clear idea of what they will be until something happens. Having a good insurance policy can help us provide quality medical care for our animals at an animal hospital in Murrieta.

For more information on the services offered by your animal hospital Murrieta and how it works with pet insurance, contact the animal health professionals at Ark Animal Hospital.

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