Four Reasons to Use Outsourced Contact Center in India

Did you know that British Airways was one of the first companies to outsource their business processes to India as early as the 1980s? Today, India is one of the largest outsourced contact centers in the world, offering a diverse range of voice and web based outbound activities to clients across the world. Using an outsourced contact center India is surely an effective way to contact and engage potential customers.

Four Benefits of Outsourced Contact Center in India

1. Cost: The low cost of skilled manpower makes outsourced contact center India an attractive destination for domestic and global companies. In comparison, maintaining an in-house customer support center will be an expensive endeavor, as the business will have to bear the cost of acquiring the requisite equipment and other overhead costs. Moreover, a lot of time and money will be invested in training and maintaining skilled personnel. Instead, by using the services of outsourced contact centers, you can use the money saved towards the core businesses of the company.

2. Skill Set: Several multinational companies have already invested billions of dollars in outsourced contact center India. British Airways was the first company to demonstrate confidence in the idea of an outsourced contact center India and soon American Express, General Electric, Microsoft followed suit. India offers a large talent pool of highly skilled and educated workforce. They are proficient in both English and IT, making them sought-after by employees globally.

3. The INDIA Advantage: A twelve hour time difference with North America gives it an exclusive ‘time zone’ advantage. This enables India to deliver its services overnight. This helps your customers avail services 24×7 all year round; giving you a clear edge over you competition. Additionally, the Government of India has also pledged its support to various outsourcing companies by granting them ‘single window clearance’ for regulatory and compliance clearances. Outsourced contact center India has become the buzzword for all companies planning to outsource their business processes.

Enhancement in PPP (Profits, Performance and Productivity): Companies which believe and invest in outsourced contact center India show a marked increase in their profits, performance and productivity. General Electric, one of the largest conglomerates in the world, reported an increase in profits after it outsourced its technological and businesses processes to contact center India. The Wall Street Journal even went on to report that “General Electric played a starring role” in outsourcing from India The company’s performance and productivity also increases because employees can now focus on much more complex and revenue generating activities..